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About Kashmeera

Brand Positioning Statement

For nature lovers and health fanatics, KASHMEERATM provides a beauty beacon for those who believe their body is a temple. KASHMEERATM originated from a unisex Ayurveda Therapy Spa before it rebranded into a wider scale of traditional, premium and natural beauty and wellness products, making it unlike other wellness brands.

Rejuvenate your body, mind and soul

KASHMEERATM blends together Ayurveda luxuries, earthly ingredients with a luxe look to promise tranquility, health and elegance for your body, mind and soul.

Our formulations and concoctions are delicately made with the purest of ingredients focusing on utmost efficacy specializing in South East Asian beauties.

We consistently improve and innovate our line of personal care products to be legally approved and fully registered ingredients, colors and fragrances with zero compromise towards animal testing.

Our Legacy of Luxury

Once upon a time in the year 2001, a visionary and beauty enthused lady named Ms. Jayachitra Subramaniam opened her very own Beauty & Bridal Academy in hopes to disperse her many achievements to other promising beauticians.

After successfully graduating 500 apprentices, the realization that she was capable of so much more entered her mind. She has a long-term vision of providing a natural way to heal people’s cosmetic problems without any side effects. Thus began her journey to South India to study Ayurveda called “The Science of Life”.

Once she completed her studies, her beauty services upgraded to include Ayurveda treatments. That was when her baby Chitra’s Beauty Ayurveda Therapys was born in 2015. But her venture of knowledge for the body and soul didn’t stop there. She decided to partake in the Diploma in Cosmetology and was awarded an International Diploma Beauty Therapy from CIDESCO Australia.

However, managing a beauty academy and spa was only the tip of the ice for her. Ms. Jayachitra envisioned her own wellness and personal care brand that invigorates true beauty within. With her extended experience and bona fide passion, her own brand, KASHMEERATM was created with a line of suitable-for-all products.

The refined outlook for elegance

Nature is a supreme haven filled with nutrients that purify and balance the body, mind and soul. Fusing these with the ancient art and science of Ayurveda treatments bring peak life synergy.

KASHMEERATM is an advocate of Ayurveda beauty rituals. Thus KASHMEERATM found the best way to revitalize this aged art was with a twist of contemporary and aesthetic styles to reach a wider and more diverse consumer base.