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Research & Development

The Art of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is beyond just a way of life, it is the ethereal state where the mind, body and soul is balanced harmoniously.

It is believed that all individuals hold a role in nature based on their corresponding Doshas. Synchronised and balanced Doshas lead to a strong immune system to prevent harmful diseases.

The 3 main Doshas represent proportioned elements of nature; air, fire, earth, water and ether.

  • Vata Dosha: Air & Ether
  • Pitta Dosha: Fire & Water
  • Kapha Dosha: Water & Earth

Fighting diseases or illness isn’t Ayurveda’s approach to healthy living. By improving your overall health, you’ll heal yourself effectively from within.

Ayurveda is completely natural which causes no side effects. However, its treatments have variable efficacy so find one that balances your Dosha optimally for a long term effect.

Perfected Production

Kashmeera knows how crucial transparency is, especially where the skin is concerned. We’ll spill the tea!

Equipped with pharmaceutical grade production lines, every step from approval of natural raw materials to packaging is managed under stringent quality standards.

Our prestigious R&D department is always venturing new and sustainable ways to improve our current product lines and invent fresh new ideas.

We aspire to consistently make the highest quality products that are not only good for our consumers but also work for them.

Phase 1: Raw Material Procurement

  • Review of raw materials order
  • Raw material disinfection
  • Temperature controlling
  • Sent to Quality Control team

Phase 2: Raw Material Inspection

  • Analysis of materials’ scents, colors, textures and quality
  • Contamination screening process
  • Test of water content and viscosity

Phase 3: Mixing and Filling

  • Approval of measured materials
  • Sent to manufacturing machines
  • Dissolution, cooling, charging and filtering process
  • Formula is filled into packaging

Phase 4: Semi-complete Product Inspection

  • Analysis of formulation’s scents, colors, textures and quality
  • Shelf life testing
  • Approved finished products are sent to warehouse for shipping

Phase 5: Secure Packing

  • Verification of product authenticity following Authentication, Geolocation, Engagement and Traceability (verification can be referred in
  • Formula is filled into packaging
  • Approved finished products are sent to warehouse for shipping